Monday, August 26, 2013

Drunk Driving Is...

... the new Salem Witch Trials! 

In 1692, 17 women, two men, and a dog were executed in Salem, Massachusetts, by the established legal system, for being witches.  And the "evidence" employed for such horrid outcomes was no weaker than that which the government employs, and which the judges admit into evidence, in modern drunk driving cases. [17, 2, and one are the numbers typically given, but the facts are a much larger number!]

Then, mass hysteria dethroned reason, rationality, facts, legitimacy, and the result was liberty invasions by the system that was set up to protect liberty.  Just like now with drunk driving.

The quality of evidence admitted at a drunk driving trial now, or in witch trials then,would not be tolerated in any other sort of case in this Republic.  Nor would judges feel they were treated fairly if that de minimis quality of veritable non-evidence was admitted at a hearing against them for judicial misconduct to remove them from the bench.

The politics of drunk driving, fueled by half-truth [and non-truth] propaganda from professional victimization lobbies like MADD and SADD, causes normally balanced and sane [and sober?] legislators and judges and prosecutors to fall all over themselves to mete out their version of "justice" against these demonized drivers who have what the legislators have politically decided is "too much" alcohol in their system, whether or not they are driving dangerously.  And the BAC is politically, not scientifically, driven.  It used to be .15% that offended the law, and then .10%. and now .08%, and there are prohibitionists pressing for .05%.  When it was .15%, real scientists [not the political hacks who work and testify for government now, but real scientists] opined that some people would be safe to drive at .20%. With enough money and hysteria thrown at the legislators in Sacramento and elsewhere, virtually anything can be passed, and then judges defer to the "wisdom" of the legislature [unless their legislative acts affect the judges' needs or sense of majesty!].

Drunk driving prosecution, as carried out now, is anathema to what this Republic is all about, but then so much is anyway.