Saturday, September 18, 2010

Constitution Day - Forgotten Again

The Constitution was signed by the 39 patriots who were its architects on September 17, 1787. There is no date in our founding’s history that should be more celebrated, because the Constitution [far more mentioned than understood these days!] was a careful crafting of values, structures, and assignments [and withholdings!] of power by a group of titanic thinkers who carefully factored in observations of what had worked and failed over history with the needs of a people who opposed tyranny but were anxious about anarchy. So, where were the celebrations this past September 17?

What is ominously troubling to me is that the current cute trend of neo-patriotism, with rah-rah-rah, sis-boom-bah, about 9/12, 8/28, “Tea Party-ism” [by pseudo-patriots who generally can't tell me the date of the real, original "Tea Party"] is not going to effect a real change in the growth of usurpatious, repressive national statism, because most people are really not serious about it. You can have all of the “yankee-doodlism” at a Glenn Beck religio-moralistic-red/white/bluism event, but until there is a true resurrection of deep commitment to founding values, the Reids and Byrds and Obamas of the world will remain the ascendant governmental reality. The one clear exemplar to me that this rash of neo-patriotism does not signal a resurrection of originalistic values is the comparative silence of this past September 17. Where were the rallies, the flags, the parades, the megaspeeches? Naturally, Hillsdale College [an originalism teaching “liberal” arts college in Michigan] commendably had a significant event, and other venues of serious Americanism marked that most important of all Americanism days with appropriate, but not very crowded, remembrances, but most of the Palin/O’Donnell hooplah-ites were oblivious to the coming and going of the day, because they were not commanded to march and celebrate by the various rightist demagogues who orchestrate the events that mobs are dutifully showing up at.

The uber-Left will continue to rise because truly committed originalists are few, far between, and increasingly marginalized by the superficial Woodstockism of neo-patriotism.
And that is irksome.

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