Sunday, May 1, 2011

DUI Checkpoint Redux

"Three drivers were arrested on suspicion of drunken driving during a sobriety checkpoint in Rancho Mirage this weekend.

"Fourteen other drivers were arrested on suspicion of driving while unlicensed or with a suspended license and 13 cars were impounded during the five-hour checkpoint, the police department reported.

"A total of 2,798 cars passed through the Sobriety/Driver’s License Safety checkpoint, conducted from 8 p.m. Friday to 1 a.m. Saturday with 522 of the cars screened, the police department reported."

Well, there they go again; the DC-funded oppress-o-matic machine, invading the liberty of 522 motorists to catch three drunk drivers!  Heinrich Himmler would, of course, approve of such heavy-handed police-statism, but the Framers would not, nor would any true and right-thinking constitutionalist. The ends do not justify the means, or else we could level all the houses in one square block in every community on the perverse rationalization that there must be some crooks thus killed!  In every community where the grant funds dried up, where the locality had to justify the expenditure of "public safety" [in quotes, because it is not] monies, DUI checkpoints have been scrapped.

Those who weep as the Flag goes by at 4th of July parades should ponder what liberty really means. Or rather, they should study the founding premises of this Republic, and then ponder - right now the subject is quite imponderable by far too many.

As I hold in my hands the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award [the "Eddie"] I won from the 300+ strong California DUI Lawyers Association for my litigation, scholarship, and effectiveness in the realm of drunk driving law [and yes, Your Honor, it is proper to label the area of discussion "drunk driving"!], I think about how many people have had their liberties invaded and destroyed in an area-focused program of law enforcement that has as much to commend it, and which is as scientifically accurate, as the Salem Witch Trials and the investigations leading to them. Seventeen Women and two dogs were executed in Salem on better "evidence" than supports most drunk driving arrests, prosecutions, and convictions.

What have we become when we allow Glen Beck-like paranoia and alarmism and hysteria to invade and capture our national liberty psyche?

"Captain Motion" Michael Kennedy holding his "Eddie" Lifetime Achievement Award for DUI Defense and Scholarship

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