Friday, January 13, 2012

Drunk Driving Enforcement Scams - Field Sobriety Tests

We have written and lectured here and many elsewheres about the fraud associated with drunk driving enforcement, and one prejudicial tool the government uses to regrettably good effect, especially with naive judges and jurors, is the field sobriety test [FST]. In the following news presentation, you see my old friend, DUI attorney Bruce Kapsack, revealing some of the fraud associated with FSTs; the cop himself could not "pass" the test:

What people cannot get through their heads, sometimes because they do not want to do so, is that there is no established scientific correlation between one's performance on an FST and impairment by alcohol - none.  These are stunts purposely designed to prejudice judges and juries against an individual, because DUI convictions are very profitable for the government and satellite operations [rehab., ankle-monitoring businesses, devices to install in your cars to detect whether you have consumed alcohol, etc.].

The "science" behind FSTs and what they factually reveal are not much different from my saying "Uh, everyone I have ever seen who was impaired by alcohol could not stand on his head and whistle the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic'; you cannot stand on your head and whistle the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic'; therefore, you are impaired by alcohol."  Good Grief!  How many of you prospective jurors would fall for that?  If you have ever even leaned toward convicting someone because of FSTs, then you would fall for that, if a shiny-badged cop told you that was his "training."

Be not deceived merely because the deceiver arrives with pressed uniform, creased pants, shiny badge, big gun, and sincerity on his visage.

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  1. Indeed, there is no established scientific correlation between red/watery eyes, slurred speech, flushed face, and many other things finding their way into police reports in these political crimes, and impairment by alcohol!


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