Monday, June 18, 2012

The Snitch Henry Hill Died of Natural Causes, Proving My Point

As his girlfriend told TMZ, Henry Hill's "heart gave out."
He was the model for the "Goodfellas" character played by Ray Liotta.
Hearts giving out are the well-deserved wages of being a stool-pigeon. Those who profit from violating confidences are karmaically doomed, because there is nothing lower than a professional rat, and ratting out people who trusted you has a corrosive effect on one's psyche and organism.
The interesting thing here, though, is that it proves my oft-repeated assertion that stoolies whose identities are known or get discovered generally do not get whacked, which undermines the need for government to preserve the identities of confidential informants in warrant settings. Of course, far more often than not, those "confidential informants" are permitted by compliant judges to be and to stay "confidential" because they do not even exist!
Most of the "confidential, reliable informant told me" stuff that ends up in warrant affidavits, resulting in kicking down residential doors and violating people's liberties, are merely the fantasies of a creative affiant, which they then attribute to a phantom informant, and the judges keep dutifully falling for it. Or at least they keep allowing it, whether or not they believe it!
Secrecy in government, and the increasing institutionalization of stool-pigeonry, and the frequent falsification of stool-pigeonry, are corrosive elements in the land of the Free/Home of the Brave.

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