Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weak DAs Seek Sanctions Against Lawyers they Fear

The article below seems to be a new tack on the part of DAs' offices, reporting effective attorneys to the State Bar. A very effective DUI lawyer in Santa Barbara was reported to the State Bar for conduct in the courtroom, conduct which results in an embarrassing number of acquittals in prosecutions of the political crime of drunk driving. The problem is that if they start throwing down those gauntlets, they will be hoist on their own Janus-faced petards, because I see reportable misconduct by DAs on a daily basis, but I have always thought it unseemly to rat them off, preferring simply to beat them at the courtroom game that is our calling. I know not the merits involved in this article, but I do know that the attorney under attack is one of the more gifted attorneys in his area, and he will stand stoutly with his client against the gusts of faction, and the gust by this particular DA's office really blows. If I start to pick up this gauntlet, there will be many openings in DAs' ranks!

Read and weep, because there is an unhealthy alliance between prosecutors, judges, and the State Bar in this state, and it must cease, lest "interests of justice" transmogrify into "interests of the power brokers," the definition of Fascism.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, but good luck considering it was my reporting of a DA's gross misconduct which initiated the bar complaint against me. State Bar Prosecutors don't prosecute State Court Prosecutors. Worse still, state court judges almost never punish unethical conduct by DA's. In fact they have a technical name for it: Harmless error.


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