Monday, March 10, 2014

Garcinia Cambogia Scam

Don't get victimized by the scam being carried out by Garcinia Cambogia, an alleged natural weight-control "premium" you "win" for certain things you do or see or perform on the net.  I signed up for what sounded like a first supply for S&H [shipping and handling] of $4.95, with the rest to be ordered if I liked it.  What the fine print reads is that they will send it for the $4.95, and then if you keep it, you owe them about $85.00, and they will automatically send you more for $85.00, charging the same card!! 

This needs to be addressed by the local US Attorney - it is an utter internet fraud scam!!!!!  I can't seem to get it stopped [I told them two days ago to stop and just got a new shipment notice!!!], so I am cancelling my credit card, and going after them in damages. 

Beware S&H "deals": they "deal" from the bottom of the deck!

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